NEW ENGLAND REGION/NGC, INC.


                                          October 14th-15th, 2012

                                    The Marriott Hotel, Providence, RI


The 78th Annual Meeting of the New England Region of National Garden Clubs was called to order at 9:10 a.m. by Director Joyce Kimball, who welcomed everyone and

introduced NGC President Shirley Nicolai and the head table.


The Invocation was given by Joanne Krause, member of NHFGC.


The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America was led by Virginia Urdi, President of New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs.


Director Kimball welcomed our honored guest, Shirley Nicolai, President of NGC, Inc.


Judy Hager, President of the Rhode Island Federation of Garden Clubs, officially welcomed all members and guests to her state for the NER meeting.  Director Kimball thanked the membership of Rhode Island, in particular the Annual Meeting Chair, Vera Bowen and Vice Chair Vicki Iannucillo for hosting this year’s meeting.


The Chair recognized Nancy Donaldson, NER Protocol Chair, who introduced those seated at the head table.

            Joyce A. Kimball, New England Director

            Helga Frazzette, Treasurer

            Catherine Schwenk/CP, Parliamentarian

            Susan Robinson, Recording Secretary

In addition the members seated at two reserved tables were introduced.

            Shirley Nicolai, NGC President

            Judy Hager, RIFGC President and Host

            Vera Bowen, 2012 NER Meeting Chair

            Virginia Urdi, NHFGC President

            Kathleen Marty, GCFME President

            Maria Nahom, NER Director-Elect/ Page to NGC President Shirley Nicolai

            Bronwyn Schoelzel, FGCCT President

            Lynne Merrill, NER Blue Star Memorial Chair, Page to NER Director Joyce            Kimball

Director Kimball also introduced NER Past Directors who were present

            Nancy Atwell, 1995-97

            Jean Marie Parkes, 1997-1999

            Virginia Grandpre, 1999-2001

           Deanne Mozzochi, 2001-2003

            Pamela Hebert, 2005-2007

            Kathleen Thomas, 2009-2011

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The invitation to the 2013 NER Meeting was given by Host, Bronywn Schoelzel, President of The Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut.  The meeting will be held in Westbrook, CT, on October 14th -15th, followed by a symposium on October 15th-17th.


The Preliminary Credentials and Registration Reports were given by Candace Morgenstern, NER Credentials Chair and Vicki Iannucillo, NER Meeting Registrar.  (Report enclosed.)

The number of voters present was 56.  A quorum was declared.


The Chair recognized Catherine Schwenk/CP, NER Parliamentarian who read the NER standing rules for this meeting.  A motion was made to accept the standing rules as written.  The motion was passed.


The Chair recognized Vera Bowen, 2012 NER Meeting Chair, who made a motion to adopt the annual meeting program as amended.  This motion was passed.


With no objection Director Kimball, appointed Lynne Merrill, Past President of the Rhode Island Federation of Garden Clubs, as the Page for herself and Maria Nahom, Past President of the Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut, as Page to NGC President Shirley Nicolai.  There was no objection.


With no objection the Director appointed Meredith Chase of Massachusetts and Priscilla DiMarco from the host state of Rhode Island as time keepers.  They identified their instruments for notifying speaker of the 30 second warning as well as the time expiration.  There was no objection.


With no objection the Director appointed Heidi Kost-Gross, President of the Federated Garden Clubs of Massachusetts and Gay Gaston, President of the Federated Garden Clubs of Vermont to approve the minutes of the meeting.  There was no objection.


The Chair recognized Susan Robinson, NER Recording Secretary, who recommended that the minutes of the October 18, 2011, NER Business Meeting be accepted.  They were approved last year and posted on the NER website.  This was accepted.


The reports of officers followed. NER Director Joyce Kimball gave her report and then introduced Maria Nahom, the NER Director-elect for 2013-2015. (enclosed)


Helga Frazzette, NER Treasurer, gave her report.  There were no questions and the report was filed for audit.  (enclosed)


The following State Presidents of NER gave their reports:  Ronnie Schoelzel, The Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut, Kathleen Marty, Garden Club Federation of Maine, Heidi Kost-Gross, Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Virginia Urdi, New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs, Judy Hager, Rhode Island Federation of

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Garden Clubs, and Gay Gaston, Federated Garden Clubs of Vermont.  (enclosed)


The Chair asked if any NER chairmen wished to report on their activities.  Jacqueline Connell, Four and Five Star Chair, reported.


Director Kimball, announced that two recommendations were before this meeting to be considered.


            Bonni Dinneen, NER Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl Chair, recommended the following:

            There is a motion on the floor to have the New England Region create a Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl “Certificate of Appreciation” to be awarded annually to each state’s participants from Grades 1-5; to be awarded by the Regional Chair commencing in the year 2013.  Details enclosed.  This motion was passed as proposed.


            Vera Bowen, 2012 NER Annual Meeting Chair recommended the following:

            There is a motion on the floor to have the silver, pewter, etc, awards currently being awarded to states, clubs and individuals by the NER within their current Awards Program, be retired and substituted with embossed Certificates naming the award being presented to the awardee, commencing in the 2013-1015 term.  Director Kimball informed the membership that an ad hoc committee would be formed to expedite the return of the awards to their originators and/or the appropriate person, club or state.


            Kathleen Thomas made a motion to withhold any action of the ad hoc committee pending the announcement, approval, and make up of that committee at the May 2013

NER Meeting being held in conjunction with the NGC Convention in Seattle, WA.


There was no further new business to come before this body and the program was announced.

            Judy Hager, President of Rhode Island Federation of Garden Clubs, introduced the morning’s program and Vera Bowen, who presented the “Prison Project.”  At its conclusion the Rhode Island Federation was congratulated for undertaking this project.


Following the program, the meeting was recessed for social time, shopping and then luncheon, when Heidi Kost-Gross gave the blessing.


At 2:00 p.m. the 78th Annual Meeting of the NER was returned to order.  NGC  President Shirley Nicolai brought us up to date on upcoming NGC events.


The Director recognized Diane McMillen and Vera Bowen, NER Awards Chairmen, who congratulated all winners of awards and encouraged everyone to keep applying for awards in the future. The list of award winners is enclosed.


The Director called on Diane Bullock, NER Publicity Press Book Chair, who presented her awards to clubs.                        

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The Director gave Special Awards to Vera Bowen and Vicki Iannucillo for their wonderful NER 78th meeting that they chaired.  She also presented Diane Bullock with a Certificate of Appreciation for her 25 + years serving as NER Publicity Press Book Chair and presented Nancy Atwell with a Certificate of Appreciation for her good work publishing the NER Newsletter “Northern Exposure” and more recently expanding its publication from semi-annually to quarterly.


Credentials Chair, Candace Morgenstern, gave the final report for credentials, which was adopted.  Vicki Iannucillo, Meeting Registrar, gave the final report for registration and it was adopted.  (enclosed)

The Chair recognized Sandi Tinyk, 1st Vice-President of the Rhode Island Federation of Garden Clubs who gave the Benediction.


There being no further business to come before the NER of NGC’s Annual Meeting, the Chair declared the meeting to be adjourned at 2:45pm.  Sine dai.


Recording Secretary,

Susan Robinson