New England Region


         October 18th and 19th, Stratton Mt. Club, Stratton Mt, Vermont


The 76th Annual Meeting of the NER of NGC, Inc. was opened at 9:03 am by Director, Kathleen

Thomas.  She welcomed all of the members to Stratton, Vermont, thanked the Stratton Mt. Club staff for their excellent service, and reminded all of us how lucky we are to be surrounded by the beautiful Vermont fall colors. 


The Invocation was given by Marion Ryan, NER Alternate Director

The Pledge of Allegiance was given by Hila Lyman, NER Director’s Aide

The Welcome was given by Stephanie Hockensmith, Pres. of FGCV

The Invitation to the 2011 NER Annual Meeting was given by Linda Jean Smith, Pres. GCFM

The Preliminary Credentials were given by Hila Lyman:

            1  Director of NER

            4 Past Directors of NER

            6 NER State Presidents

            21 NER Past State Presidents

            13 NGC Life Members

            48 State Life Members

            29 NGC Board Members

            13 Club Presidents

            80 Club Members

            4   Guests

80 Voting strength     

84 Registered


The Annual NER Meeting Rules were read by Lucille Grassi, NER Parliamentarian.

The Minutes of the 2009 NER Meeting were approved as written.

The Committee to Approve  Minutes was appointed by NER Director, Kathy Thomas:

     Vera Bowen, Pres. RIFGC and Stephanie Hockensmith, Pres. FGCV.

Appointment of page, Hila Lyman to NER Director Kathy Thomas.

Appointment of Timekeepers:  Jacqueline Connell and Judy Hager.


Report of Officers

            Kathy Thomas, NER Director (see attached)

            Helga Frazzette, NER Treasurer (see attached)


Report of State Presidents

            See attached reports


Report of Regional Chairmen

            See attached reports



1.         The following was approved by a  majority of the members:  The Virginia Thurston Civic Development Grant is for new or on-going projects that New England Regional Garden Clubs maintain.  A long term maintenance program must be included with the application.  The application cannot be more than 3 total pages and must include a budget and a description of the project.  Photographs are encouraged.  The Universal Grant Form should be used as Page 1 of the application.                                       Pg 1

            The purpose is to encourage the NER garden clubs to work on community improvement projects by providing money grants for new or on-going permanent plantings.  Completed projects and commercial plantings are not eligible.  Up to $200 is available each year to be awarded by the awards committee.  Only one application will be accepted from each state.

            Procedure: Submit copy of the application no later than July 1 to your State Awards Chair (electronic applications are preferred.)  Applications are due to the NER Awards Chair by 9/1.

            Clubs receiving grants are expected to take an active role in the project and matching funds will be considered favorably.  The club will have one year from the notification of the award to complete the project and must provide completed documentation, progress photos, a one page report and complete financial information by Dec. 1st of the following year.  Grant money can only be used for the specific project for which it was granted and cannot be transferred.  If the club fails to submit reports, it will be asked to return funds.  One year extensions must be applied for and will be granted if the awards committee approves.  Winning

clubs may not apply the following year.


2.  The following was approved by a majority of the members:  to officially accept the e-mail vote to allow allied organizations to sponsor awards. (Sears/Frazzette)



1.  The following was approved by the By-Laws Committee and brought to the attention of the members:  the new rotation for host state for the annual meeting/symposium starting in 2011 will be…….MA, RI, CT, VT, NH, ME.  It is the decision of the state to hold the Annual Meeting at the same time as the Symposium.


2.  The following was approved by the members:  it is the decision of the state with the approval of the Regional Director AT THAT TIME to accept the budget for the annual meeting. (Dates/Robinson)


3.  The following policy change (p. 20) was approved by the members:  that due to the limited amount of time available at the annual meeting, it was resolved to limit the number of awards available for competition to past regional directors and ALLIED ORGANIZATIONS. (Donaldson/Dates)


4.  The following was approved by the members:  to change the wording of the Jean Merriman Williams Regional Unified Project Award to THE NGC UNIFIED PROJECT (as NGC has done away with regional projects and there is no longer an Emerald Award.  It was replaced with an Award of Excellence for Region.)  (Linney/E. Dates)


5.  The following was presented by Kathleen Thomas, Regional Director:  in 2010 RD Kathleen Thomas donated an award for an outstanding project completed by a garden club in collaboration with another organization….THE EXCELLENCE IN TEAMWORK AWARD.  Each state may submit one project selected by the state garden club awards committee as the most outstanding work done from June 1st to May 31st of each year.

            a.  Scope of the Project                                   30 points

                        Purpose, goals, financial reports

            b. Results achieved                                         30 points

                        Before and after, planning documentation


                                                                        Pg. 2


c.  Value to the community                             40 points

                        Short and long term benefits              ________

                                                                                    100 points


6.  The following was approved by the members:  the National Gardening Association Award was established in 2010.  A certificate of merit and a check for $100 may be awarded to a NER garden club for its work with children or junior garden clubs who create an edible garden.  The project may be one already instituted.  (S. Dates/Hebert)


Mary Fuqua, President of the New England Tropical Conservatory, gave a short talk with slides on the conservatory and its Rain Garden project.


Talks on individual “Recycling Programs” were given by Caroline Frey, VT, Ann Thomas, ME, and Ginny Urdi, NH.


Lunch followed  Friendship Time with a blessing by  Nancy Donaldson.


The Awards presentation was given by Joyce Kimball, NER Awards Chair (attached).


The Final Credentials and Registration report was given by Caroline Frey, Registrar

            1 NER Director

            4 Past NER Directors

            6 State Presidents

            22 Past State Presidents

            14 National Life Members

            50 State Life Members

            29 National Board Members

            13 Club Presidents

            82 Club Members

              4 Guests

            82 Voting Strength

            86 Registered


Adjournment by Director Kathleen Thomas 2:40 pm.


Susan Robinson

NER Secretary